How Does Trulia Identify Neighborhood Features?

At Trulia, our mission is to provide a deeper understanding of what living in a home and neighborhood is really like.
With insights sourced straight from locals and over 34 neighborhood map overlays like crime and schools, Trulia helps buyers and renters discover a place where they will love to live.
The Process
To find out what a neighborhood is really like, we ask our online community to rate and review their neighborhood's features by answering questions that someone considering a move would want to know:
Do you know any of your neighbors on a first-name basis?
Have you attended a community event in your neighborhood, like a block party or BBQ?
Do you say Hi to your neighbors when you see them around?
Do you plan to live in your neighborhood for five years or more?
Neighborhood Features

Once we've gathered enough data around a specific feature, we report that the neighborhood either has—or doesn't have—that feature.
We're constantly adding new insights about neighborhood data. Key features we inquire about include:
  • Neighbors are friendly
  • There are community events
  • They plan to stay for at least 5 years
  • There's holiday spirit
  • Yards are well-kept
  • It's quiet
  • There's wildlife
Getting Around
  • It's walkable to grocery stores
  • It's walkable to restaurants
  • Parking is easy
  • Car is needed
  • People would walk alone at night
  • There are sidewalks
  • Streets are well-lit
  • Kids play outside
  • It's dog friendly